ORCHA Healthcare – prescribing Apps

In this project I have participated in all its development phases

This web application focuses on the use of Health Apps as a complementary method of prevention and treatment for medical problems. The company has agreements with the National Health System  (NHS) so that doctors can prescribe Apps to patients.

Website – Gym

Responsive website template for a gym. This template easily adapts to different type of business.

Dashboard – Gym

Responsive Dashboard template for registered users. It’s a simple Dashboard designed to suit different types of business.

Carula – eCommerce

I took care of the user experience in the purchase process from any electronic device, rearranging certain visual elements. A persistent interface is fundamental to prevent confusion and to decrease dropout rate.


Quantis is an internet access service via satellite. In this project I improved and modernized the look & feel of the website, taking care of the user experience on all electronic devices.

Henry Schein – Animal Health

Henry Schein – Animal Health is one of the most successful ecommerce companies for healthcare supplies.


Vanagloria (vainglory) is an exclusive online e-commerce for selling jewelry, developed in Prestashop. The look & feel is elegant, minimalist and clean.

Pack protection online – Zurich & Telefonica

Pack protection online is a web application to purchase insurance that protects and manage online user activity.

Spotifynder – Web app using the Spotify API

Spotifynder is a web app written in ‘vanilla’ JavaScript. It uses the Spotify API to search for artists.

Enova IT Solutions

Redesign for the Enova IT Solutions company website. The information architecture on this site has been completely redesigned in order to achieve a greater engagement experience.

Pharmacy Amat

Pharmacy Amat is an e-commerce for selling healthcare products. Design and layout are precise as well as minimalist.

Axure mockup responsive – Healthy Living

Mockup responsive developed with Axure. It is a ‘near’ hi-fi prototype in which design criteria are shown.

UX and UI of a web app

In this post I want to show different examples of UI elements commonly generated and customized in the web application development process.

Banasta of Fruits

In this e-commerce, made with Prestashop, I did the maintenance and the general improvements needed to be displayed properly in all devices.

Web app – technical assistance

Web App for Technical Service Management. The real challenge for this type of interface is to get the best User Experience. There are many similar tools in the market, so the differentiation comes through the precision and agility using the interface, either desktop or mobile.

Mockup using Sketch – tablet and mobile

Mockup made with Sketch for a wine e-commerce app. I have also used Adobe Illustrator to generate and modify some vector files (svg).

HTML mockup

Mockup developed in HTML for a financial sector project. Mockup uses a variety of resources to provide all the functionality required. I am using Foundation, jQuery, Font Awesome, Modernizr or Stackable.js.

Toyota 2016 calendar

This is a microsite designed to collect photos of Toyota employees in order to print physical calendar for the year 2016.

Radio Popular (Portugal)

Redesigning a web app for Radio Popular (Portugal). The design has been amended so that it matches their technology e-commerce website.

CRM for Aragonese of telematics services (AST)

CRM design and layout for Aragonese of telematic services (AST), Government of Aragon. It is a control panel from which various tasks can be performed to manage the contracting and distribution of telematic services.

SecDel is an app for Android

SecDel is an app for Android that encrypt and erase the data on the device.

B from Belén – Prestashop e-commerce

Design and customization of a Prestashop e-commerce. The Home slider is important to engage the user, since the amount of available products is reduced.

Librosenvena.com – “Books in vein”

Librosenvena.com is a website of literary reviews and creative writing tips for a very promising writer, winner of various literary awards.

Toyota 2015 calendar

Toyota 2015 Calendar. This is a microsite designed to collect photos of Toyota employees in order to print physical calendar for the year 2015.    

joaquinmoratalla.com – music composer

Official website for Joaquín Moratalla, a music composer.