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Axure wireframe example

Axure wireframe example design with Axure RP. It includes flowchart, menu navigation, tabs and email validation for contact and newsletter.

Axure wireframe for e-commerce

Axure Wireframe for e-commerce, designed with Axure RP. Prototyping includes menus, login via variables local and global interaction, slider, etcetera.

Fortress of Solitude – Superman

Aesthetic and functional redesign of The Fortress of Solitude, an Spanish website for Superman fans.

Axure – wireframe hi-fi for a museum

Interactive Prototype for a Museum website. Made with Axure RP.

Fernando J López – Novelist and playwright

Official website for the famous Spanish writer and playwright Fernando J López.

Toyota 2014 calendar

Toyota 2014 Calendar. This is a microsite designed to collect photos of Toyota employees in order to print physical calendar for the year 2014.

Toyota 2013 Calendar

Toyota 2013 Calendar. This is a microsite designed to collect photos of Toyota employees in order to print physical calendar for the year 2013.

Elipsos – Hoteltrain

Interactive multi-language application for CD-ROM. The application contains 360-degree views, videos and 3D simulations.

Movistar – Mobile World Congress (Barcelona 2012)

Official Movistar website for the Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Movistar – (memotest) Xmas card

Interactive application for Movistar. Official Christmas card.

Movistar – ‘The market’ magazine

Maintenance, update and technical improvements of this application to read Movistar magazine in electronic devices.

Movistar – Photo Gallery Top Stores

All brand stores were provided with a way to locate shop addresses, schedules, telephones, images, etcetera. – “dress Panick” game

A game I developed for the music website ‘’ years ago.

Movistar – recharge machine screensaver

Design and layout of animated screensavers. These screensavers were shown in the recharge machines of Movistar stores.

Team Interactive – Xmas card 2010

Design, layout and programming of Movistar Christmas greeting card.

Movistar – Xmas card 2010

Conceptualization, art direction, design, layout and programming of this xmas card for Movistar clients and employees.

Toyota – I want to appear on the 2010 calendar

Design and layout for a Toyota microsite. I did all the logic, programming and animations.

TNT channel – V (2009)

Conceptualization, design, art direction, layout and programming of this promotional microsite for the V series (2009). The microsite allowed among other things to create a personalized avatar to participate in an advertising campaign for the channel TNT.

Midas – advertising banner

This banner had an emulated system of acceleration and braking that calculated the response time according to the type of wheels used.

Telefonica – an example to be followed

Microsite for Telefonica. It was an internal competition.

Turner – Cartoon Network

Promotional Microsite for Cartoon Network. Most of the interface elements were interactive.

Adequa – Business City

Promotional App for Adequa Business City. I performed the processes of conceptualization, art direction, design and programming of the application.

Solan – Fruit to drink

Promotional Microsite for Solan brand. This is a microsite to promote the release of new juices. I made the concept, mockup, design, animation and creative programming.

Interactive Museum with games

Interactive Museum with Games is a didactic application with puzzles and quiz games.