Category: UX Design

ESA Learning Hub- Knowledge for galaxies

During 2019, ESA decided to bring together all its training and learning resources on a single online platform.

European Space Agency (ESA) – Knowledge Portal

During part of 2019, in collaboration with ESA, I contributed to the development and evolution of a web portal that served as a repository for their scientific and technical knowledge. This portal was to make the creation and search of these contents as easy as possible.

UI Basic Kit – Manual for Developers

This time, I am bringing you a basic manual that is intended to serve as a UI Kit and as a reference of best practices for developers.

Security Software – isolation technology

One of the main goals was to make the learning curve smooth by maintaining a clear and effective design

Case study: improving user engagement of the ASOS App

The challenge is to optimize the conversion rate of the ASOS app product page.
The changes and/or improvements needed to increase user engagement need to be addressed.

Case study: Coffee Shop App

The challenge is to create a very simple and straightforward app for coffee sales, which will operate either on site or at home.

Case study: redesigning and improving a Homepage

For this case study I have decided to research a business sector in Spain with a wide range of improvements in terms of online presence. Let’s redesign a Homepage.

Case Study: Redesigning Craigslist?

OK, let’s try a different case study from the ones you’re probably used to reading.

Agile Manifesto

New values brought by the Agile manifesto.

Minimum viable product (MVP)

The main benefits of developing a minimum viable product (MVP) is that you can get customer feedback quickly and inexpensively.

UX / UI Tools

Fortunately, UI/UX design is becoming increasingly important in the search for success of our applications and websites. For this we have many tools that help us in the process of UI / UX design.

Mockup using Sketch – tablet and mobile

Mockup made with Sketch for a wine e-commerce app. I have also used Adobe Illustrator to generate and modify some vector files (svg).

Responsive mockup – Axure

A complete example of responsive mockup created with Axure.

Axure mockup responsive – Healthy Living

Mockup developed with Axure. It’s a hi-fi prototype in which design criteria are shown. The prototype is developed under the ‘mobile-first’ paradigm. It has a responsive behavior and some animation.