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Nando López – Novelist and playwright

Official website for the famous Spanish writer and playwright Nando López.

TNT channel – V (2009)

Conceptualization, design, art direction, layout and programming of this promotional microsite for the V series (2009). The microsite allowed among other things to create a personalized avatar to participate in an advertising campaign for the channel TNT.

Turner – Cartoon Network

Promotional Microsite for Cartoon Network. Most of the interface elements were interactive.

Adequa – Business City

Promotional App for Adequa Business City. I performed the processes of conceptualization, art direction, design and programming of the application.

Solan – Fruit to drink

Promotional Microsite for Solan brand. This is a microsite to promote the release of new juices. I made the concept, mockup, design, animation and creative programming.

UX and UI of a web application

Caser – developing a web application. Web project in the prior state to its publication in production.

Responsive mockup – Axure

A complete example of responsive mockup created with Axure.

Axure mockup responsive – Healthy Living

Mockup developed with Axure. It’s a hi-fi prototype in which design criteria are shown. The prototype is developed under the ‘mobile-first’ paradigm. It has a responsive behavior and some animation.