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Library: Y

Inspector: I

Quick help: Cmd + –

Smart controls: B

Mixer: X

Editors: E

Global tracks: G

Key commands: Alt + K

Notes: Cmd + Alt + P 

Loop Browser: O

File Browser: F

Piano roll: P 


Tool menu: T

Pointer tool: T, T

Pencil tool: T, P

Eraser tool: T, E

Text tool: T, Shift + T

Scissors tool: T, I 

Glue tool: T, G

Solo tool: T, S

Mute tool: T, M

Zoom tool: T, Y

Fade tool: T, A

Flex tool: T, X


Record: R

Count-in: Shift + K

Metronome: K

Capture recording: Shift + R

Play/Stop: Spacebar

Play from selected clip: Shift + Spacebar

Go to beginning: Enter

Loop selection: Cmd + U

Toggle loop on / off: C

Musical typing: Cmd + K

Move forward 1 bar:  .

Move back 1 bar:  ,

Move forward 8 bars: Shift + .

Move back 8 bars: Shift + ,

MIDI Editing

Select inverse: Shift + I

Mute / Unmute selected: Crtl + M

Transpose semitone: Alt + UP / Down (Arrow keys)

Transpose octave: Alt + Shift + UP / Down (Arrow keys)

Select all following :Shift + F

Move to playhead:  ;