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A Fairy Without Wings is making waves at Retro Gamer, Germany. More coming soon? 🙂

¡First prize!

When you join wish, inspiration and know-how, these things may happen. Félix Martín Arrieta, also known as “Nekete“, is one of those programmers with whom it is a pleasure to work.  Always inspired and inspiring. By his side you can feel like you have superpowers, capable of taking things to another level. So he is, passionate about video games and programming.  An explosive mix that will continue to give a lot to talk about.

I can’t feel prouder collaborating on such great project as this Game Boy video game. To me, the most interesting part about side projects is being able to contribute expressing other type of ideas, resources and out-of-the-box skills different from those of our day to day. Getting out of your comfort zone is always a challenge that brings that much needed fresh air.

The game is also having an impact on other countries.

Without further ado, I pass the baton to the true hero of this story: the video game A Fairy Without Wings. One of those video games that will lead us back to old times, made with such care and love to enjoy unique moments. On its official website you can play it online straight from your browser (try it on your mobile!), download the game for free, find out more about how it was made or also find out more about the contest. Here’s some mouth-watering material – let’s have a great time!

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