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For this project I contributed in areas such as ideation, information architecture, interface, iconography and prototyping (HTML, Sass/CSS, etc).  The interface focuses on the use of geometric elements representing different types of virtual desktops. Its configurations are managed in an intuitive environment capable of providing a quick overview of the state of the systems.


In these demos we can see the importance of geometry within the concept, which is also given at a programmatic level. The layout is kept consistent and usable on different screen sizes.

Interaction Design (IxD) – First iteration

First steps in a light theme design. In addition to the concept of geometry, the concept of isolation was vital, as this is also software that isolates the working environment from external threats. 

Interaction Design (IxD) – Second iteration

In this and the subsequent iterations of the dark mode, the color palette is rearranged to achieve an appropriate contrast. The semi-circles (the balls of which move along them) evoke orbits and emphasize the concept of digital isolation and protection from threats.

Interaction Design (IxD) – Third iteration

An iteration in which other geometric shapes take over and are used to clarify hierarchies.

Interaction Design (IxD) – Alternative Design

Initial concept that led to circular geometry but was eventually discarded.

Key screen designs

These are final designs that were then prototyped directly into HTML, Sass/CSS for user testing.

Background design

Merging the two base elements of the background. Again, geometry plays a very important role in this conceptual design. 


Sample of some of the icons and graphic elements developed for the different iterations.