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In this project I have participated in all its development phases

This web application focuses on the use of Health Apps as a complementary method of prevention and treatment for medical problems. The company has agreements with the National Health System  (NHS) so that doctors can prescribe Apps to patients. Apps susceptible to prescription pass  through strict quality tests before being approved.

Apps developers (iOS and Android) can register to get advice from medical experts.

Users are provided with a reliable  tool to find Apps that add value to their health care.

In addition, the tool has a private area  to check usage statistics, histograms or recommendations.

This is one of the biggest success stories I have been part of, as we started out as a start up and now the company has over 130 employees and is still growing!

Below you can check screenshots of this application, as well as different sketches, prototypes and alternative versions:



Wireframe & mockup

Legacy browsers mockup

Alternative versions

Alternative versions – mobile