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Responsive website template for a gym. This template easily adapts to different type of business. I have also designed a dashboard to complement the website template.

The user interface is eye-catching and user friendly. Vibrant and base colors coexist in harmony, highlighting the main elements of the interfaceFor example, call to action buttons (CTA) all have the same look to provide visual consistency.

Everything related to the Apps works by means of image carousels, providing user interface consistency. The carousels are very easy to handle in any type of device. Search and navigation between Apps becomes an agile, pleasant and intuitive process.

It works on all electronic devices, especially those with high density screens.

Below you can see desktop version screenshots. This is the Responsive website template.



And this is the dashboard that complements the responsive template. It is a dashboard also designed to adapt to different types of business. 

This is the dashboard demo.